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Build Your Credibility, Make Extra Money, And Close More Deals With Your Own Published Book!

Here's a little secret: Everyone wants to be an author. People who have written books have instant credibility in their field. You can use your published book to get more clients, charge higher fees, establish yourself as an expert, give away to prospects and sell online for a profit.

Think about the authority you will gain passing out YOUR book with YOUR name on it at your next prospecting meeting, speaking engagement or trade show event. A book is the ultimate business card. When you put your books in hands of qualified prospects, you're halfway to closing the sale before you ever open your mouth.

The Only Problem Is - Who Has The Time To Write And Publish A Book?

Most busy professionals just can't squeeze it in.

We have the solution.

By working with our team of talented transcriptionists and ghost writers, or pulling from our library of private-label content, we can help you assemble a book that will impress your clients and prospects and brand you as an industry expert right away.

Sell your book on Amazon (and publish an electronic copy for the Kindle) for instant "Wow-Power" and brand recognition.

A Book Is A Million-Dollar Business Card!

Could This Be You?

One of our clients launched her Relationship Counseling business with this book (Just check out her reviews on!)  Now she is instantly credible to new prospects and venues where she may be speaking or conducting Joint Ventures.

Our Professional Book Publishing Package Includes:

Complete Content Development For Your Book

We have three different ways to assist you in developing the content for your book, so that you don't have to slog through it in front of the keyboard like Stephen King on a deadline.

a) White Labeled Content: An Industry-Specific Book Rebranded To Showcase Your Company

We will procure resale and publication rights for a book on your area of expertise. Such as "How To Stop Back Pain" for a chiropractor, or "Five Keys For Successful Property Investments" for a real estate agent or property manager.

You will have the liberty to edit and modify the content to you desire. We will also help you add an introduction and about the the author section to personalize the book to your clients and clientele.

b) Guided Authorship: Write Your Book Faster Than You Thought Possible With Our Guided Authorship Process

The second option is a guided authorship process which allows you to quickly and easily develop your own content. You write the book, we publish it. We will help you outline the chapters of the book so you have a game plan before you get started, We will help you weave in case studies, testimonials, and sales hooks to encourage your readers to go back to your website to get more information from you. And we will do a final-round of editing to double-check for typos and grammar mistakes.

c) Ghost Writer: Totally Hands-Off, Customized Content Written For You By Our Ghost Writers

This selection results in 100% unique content developed specifically for your business. Through a series of audio interviews, we will collect and record pertinent information about your business and client base. Next out team of ghost writers will research your niche and develop a professional-level quality book, written uniquely for you.

This is a great option for those who don't have time to write unique content themselves, but have a powerful message they want to distribute.

After our team writes your book, you will have 100% ownership of the material and complete editorial control. We want you to be thrilled. When you are, we will send the book to print.

Option A - White Label Content: $3,997

Option B - Guided Authorship Process: $4,997

Option C - Customized Content By A Ghost Writer: $8,997

Select Your Book Publishing Package

Every book package comes with these stunning bonuses:

Bonus #1 – A Customized Website Featuring You As A Published Author, And Your Instant-Expert Book!

A website promoting you and your book - developed for you and published on the domain of your choice. This book will let visitors download a free teaser chapter, so you can build a list of interested products, feature attention-grabbing photo slider and provide a link where visitors can purchase the book at SAMPLE SITE : .($1,000 Value)

Bonus #2 - Professional Graphic Design For Your Book's Cover

A Stunning Full-Cover Book Custom Cover-Art And Graphic Design For Your Book Cover ($500 Value)

Bonus #3 - Instant Reviews

3 Book Reviews Of Your New Release On When your clients (and future clients) see your book on Amazon, one of the big factors that will help them decide whether to buy it, is what kind of reviews it's getting.  We work with a team of professional writers who love to read and review books  We'll make sure they put in a showing and tell others what's great about reading your book!

Bonus #4 - Promotional Video

Video commercials are fun and powerful credibility boosters.  Now you can have your own 30-60 second video for promoting yoru book.  This will be perfect for posting on YouTube and Facebook, as well as on your primary website.  Build the buzz about your new status as a Published Author!

Bonus #5 - Press Release

Speaking of building the buzz - you're going to be in the news!  When your book comes out, we will write and distribute a professional-quality press release talking up your new book.  This is real news and you never know who might be interested.  Our relationship coaching client mentioned above has alredy been featured on the local television twice, as well as on a variety of other websites, and social media channels, in her field.

Bonus #6 - Book Copies At Wholesale

When we publish your book to, we'll rush the first copy to your doorstep, hot off the presses.  (We'll buy a copy for us to, because we want a first-edition autographed copy for our shelf!)  After that, you can buy as many copies as you like directly through at the discounted rate, about $4 per book, depending on size and design.

These wholesale copies of your book are great for giving away at networking events - they really are the ultimate business card.  You can also display them at your place of business for sale, and sell them or give them away in conjunction with your speaking events, or other promotions!