Website Design and Development

Your company’s website is an online representation of your company. For many of your prospective clients, it is the first and only time they’ll see you or interact with your company. You only have 8 seconds, on average, to make a great impression.

What Happens When A Potential Client Hits Your Website?

Will your visitor stay and read your content? Or will he browse to another site?

People look at websites in this order:

1) First, they absorb the site’s appearance. Does it look professional, reliable and trustworthy? This is usually a “gut impression” based on the graphics and layout of your site.

2) Next, they will skim your site to see what it is about and whether it has the type of information they may be looking for – are you meeting the needs of your audience?

Make sure your site is easy to absorb at a glance and has the information your visitor may be searching for. Strive to educate and engage visitors before you try to sell to them.

3) Finally – if your site passes the first two screens, visitors will settle in to read your content and decide whether they’re interested in working with you.

Now is your opportunity to develop trust and rapport, show your visitors you understand what they’re looking for, and get them to take action to advance the sales process.

If this is done right, they will willingly give you their contact information and engage with your company as the desired service provider as they educate themselves in preparation to make a final buying decision.

If your website is not built to do these things, it is not doing its job.

In addition to all the work your site does to appeal to your customers, it must also be designed to be search-engine-friendly so it can more easily make its way to the top of important search engines like Google.

If you’re not sure, let us run a free website inspection to make sure your site is optimized to do its job, and appeal to human visitors, and search engines alike.

    If you would like a website redesign, you can order one of our website package. The starter package listed below is very affordable and will get you up-and-running with a gorgeous, search engine optimized website to represent your business.


    Here's What Your Customized Business Website Could Look Like



    Your Website Will Include All Of The Following Features:

  • Easy-To-Manage-and-Update Wordpress-Based Website
  • Professional Graphics For Your Logo & Header Design
  • Blog-Setup Allows You To Publish Updates Whenever You Want
  • Market Research To Identify Your Best Keywords
  • Integration of Keyword Research Into Your Web Site For Maximum Search Engine Optimization
  • We will also integrate a video, pictures and content you provide.
  • We will also write 5 articles about your business for publication

    5-Page Website With Customized Content Written For You
    $749 One-Time Investment