Text Message & Mobile Marketing

Reach Your Clients On Their Mobile Devices!

With the proliferation of smartphones, ipads, and other mobile devices, there is more variety in the ways people are consuming content these days.

Make Your Website Mobile Phone Compatible:

Many of your visitors may be visiting your website using their telephone, rather than a traditional computer.  it's important to make sure that your website is designed to look good and perform well in this instance.

Reach Out To Your Clients And Spark Their Interest
Additionally, you can reach out and communicate with your customers and clients via their smartphones, and reach them wherever they happen to be.

If you have a database with customers cell phone numbers (if not, we can help you make one) you can actually send them text messages (much more likely to be read than email) with valuable and instantly-actionable messages such as coupons or notices about special events at your site, that will drive your business.

What about Quick Response codes?  Those are the square-shaped bar codes that you may have started to see popping up everywhere... What are they for?  They provide a quick way for smartphone users to scan the barcode, and then be taken to a destination you have determined in advance.  The bar code may trigger a picture, website, text message, video or even more.

This is a great way to get your message easily into the hands of smart phone users, without their having to manually type information into their phones.