How To Send An Avalanche Of Traffic To Your Website - Harnessing The Power Of Google

(And Other Search Engines, Too)!

If you want your website to show up on the top of Google and other search engines when people type in your keywords, then you need to use our premier service to drive your site to the top of the search engine rankings! This goal of this service is to get you into one of the top 3 positions on the first page of Google for your chosen search terms. That's an important place to be, because that's where 70% of search engine visitors click when doing research on the Internet.

Even if you are pursuing a Google Places Campaign, you will see that having strong results on Google in the natural search engine rankings will help your Google Places page rank better as well.

Case Study

Just look at the results this CPA had "Before" and "After" implementing an SEO plan:

Before: Prior to doing SEO he was spending $26,000 a year on Yellow Pages advertising and was getting a handful of new clients from it and over the last year he had dropped it to $16,000 and got 2 sales.

After: He has been keeping track of where every single new client they get has come from since the SEO began and here's the stats he shared:

  • They are now getting 20 leads a week from the Internet
  • They get an average of 4 new customers a week
  • The average dollar value is $2000 (i.e. $8,000/Week in NEW business)
  • They landed a BIG business account 3 days ago worth $10,000 in fees a month
  • They only spend $500 amonth on SEO

So, the return on investment for his Search Engine marketing is 6400%!

Will you have a chance at seeing this kind of success? Let's find out. Contact Us for more information.

The Three Compononents Of Search Engine Optimization Success



What Can You Expect With A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Service?

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services are designed to help your site rank in the top 3 positions for your selected keyword phrases. Each campaign targets 3 keywords, and up to 3 pages of your website. When contracted, we will mutually select keywords based on consumer demand and competition levels, where we think you'll have the best results.

These packages have major fire power behind them and results are cumulative - the more you do, the more the strategy builds on itself, increasing the online authority and trust behind your website.

    Starter Package
  • Optimizing for 3 Keywords
  • This is a great starting place for small businesses who want to dip their toe into the water and see how much power is behind a strong online Presence.
  • Also a good option for businesses with a limited number of high-traffic keywords - in other words companies whose customers all serach with the same 1 - 3 search terms.


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  • Optimizing For 6 Keywords
  • A strong package, great for businesses targeting a geographically-local marketplace
  • You Save $100/Month!


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  • Optimizing For 9 Keywords
  • For businesses that want to make a serious impact online and edge out their competition.
  • This will get your website to rank well on a local or international basis for your primary terms.
  • Total Savings $300/Month!


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Services are offered on a month-to-month basis, with no long-term contracts. In general, expect 3-6 months of work before we start to see results, although we've certainly had clients web pages rank as #1 in Google within the first month for less-competitive terms.

Other Options:

If you can't afford to invest in one of these done-for-you packages at this time, you can pick up your free copy of our how-to "Google Secrets" guide and do it yourself, using this written and video training tutorial.