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The Best Online Commercials Entertain and Educate

People don’t like to be sold. They like to be educated and entertained. Reaching them through video content is a great way to accomplish this, all while bringing them closer to making a decision to buy from you.

Television has always been a great way to communicate with audiences. It is multi-sensory (involving vision, and hearing), hypnotic, and compelling. It often feels very personal, and can have more authenticity and emotional pull than simple words on a page.

However, in the past, television commercials had been prohibitively expensive to produce and distribute, pricing many people out of the video commercial market.

The good news is, that thanks to the Internet, you can now develop and publish your own video commercials for a fraction of the cost of television advertising in the past.

True, they won’t be seen by the millions of people who may view Super Bowl ads on TV, but they will be found and seen by a very targeted audience of people interested in learning more about how to solve their problems… problems that you’ll show them you can fix, in the course of your video advertisement.

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Get Your Online Commercial Now - For An Insanely Low Price

Video is compelling, powerful and pervasive. Make sure you are taking full advantage of this successful marketing medium – now available at pennies-on-the-dollar pricing, compared to any other time in history!

  • Market Research To Select Appropriate Keywords
  • We will post your video to YouTube or another video hosting service with an optimized page listing.
  • Your Phone Number will be included in the title of the video for best customer conversion.
  • We will build links as necessary to get your video onto Page 1 of Google. This usually takes 2-6 weeks.
  • Special Financing: Only Pay For Results – You pay $1 upfront and the $499 balance after the video has achieved a Page 1 ranking.
  • Top video rankings tend to be short-lived unless measures are taken to retain the video’s high listing (specifically building backlinks to the listing). For $99/month, we will monitor your listing to make sure it is still on page one. No funds will be collected if the video fails to maintain Page 1 position.
  • If you do not have a video commercial, we will create one for you in conjunction with this service for $200 (A $500 value).
  • Video Ranking Service
    $499 Upfront, $99/Month


    Create Video & Rank It
    $699 Upfront, $99/Month