Choose One Of These Completed Websites and We’ll Make it – $249

That’s not a typo.

Here’s all you have to do to get the $249 website from us.

Step 1 – Simply pick one of the three themes below. The themes are sold AS-IS with no changes possible to make. You can make your own modifications very easily to the photos and text (training provided). Or you can hire us to do it.

Step 2 – Hit reply to this email, and tell me the following:

– Your Business Name
– Your Contact Info (Mailing, Physical address) Phone Number, Fax, Email, Etc.
– Your Business Logo
– What Color you want the website to be

We’ll get the rest as needed for you.

Step 3 – We will get your website together within 48 hours and once you approve it, you’ll pay us $249.

Once paid, we’ll install the new website on a domain of your choice. If you don’t have a website or hosting for your website, we can help.

That’s it.

Why Am I Doing This???

I’m a new business in the Lynnwood area and I want some more clients for my business.

By providing you a ready-made website I’m also able to reduce the time it takes to provide my services.

Less Time to make the site = Less Money that you need to spend

Now, I am only looking for 5 clients at this time, so the first 5 people get this special deal.

If you would like to see a live example of each website, just click here:

High-Impact Business Blogging Website Theme

This is a classic “blogging magazine” style theme. It includes a lot of pictures – so be prepared to buy stock photos or upload your own product images for this one.
Quick and Easy WordPress Website Theme & Installation
Live  Demo Of High-Impact Business Blogging WordPress Website Theme.

Select Your Website Design


Classy Business Website Theme Featuring Your Product Or Service In Photo Slider

This Classy wordpress theme website design features a large photo at the top, highlighting your brand or service.  This is a great place to include a captivating headline, call to action and product images.

In the 3 sections below, you can choose to highlight your products and services or – use the strategy that has been found to be even more effective:  Call out to you different customer types and draw them into a personalized detail page with new content or a pitch just for them.

Classy WordPress Theme Website Design

Live Demo: Lightweight and Sophisticated Classy WordPress Theme For Your Website

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Car Dealership Website Design

This Automotive-Themed Website Could Be Used To Feature A Variety Of Inventory Products Or Service.  Built-in theme functionality allows users to search other posts to identify product features.

Car Dealership WordPress Website Theme

Live Car Dealership Website WordPress Website Demo: Click Here

Select Your Website Design


Real Estate Agent WordPress Website Design

This is a sophisticated website design for real estate agents or home builders who want to feature their inventory on the web, and make it searchable.  Built-in MLS IDX technology is not included, but could be added for an additional fee.  Contact us for more information.

Wordpress Theme - Real Estate Agent

Searchable Real Estate WordPress Website Demo: Click Here

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Peekaboo Preschool Website Design – WordPress Template

This is set-up to demonstrate how a preschool website might look on this theme.  One of the distinctive features of this theme is the large, customizable background image.

Preschool Website Design - WordPress Theme

Wonderful Preschool Website Design: Click To See Live Demonstration Site

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Corporate Business Website Design

Having a large image-based “Slider” image at the top of the website is increasingly popular, as it can be a way for businesses to visually feature their most exciting products and services, and set the mood for a visitor’s experience on the website.

This theme offers a smooth, light-weight un-obtrusive website design, that allows your content to really shine through.

One feature of this theme, which will become increasingly important in the future, is that it looks great on mobile devices, like the iphone and ipad, in addition to laptops.  This is called a “responsive” theme, because it responds and displays differently, depending on the device you’re using to view it.

Live Demo of iPad, iPhone, and Laptop “Responsive” Business Website On WordPress

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Swagger Website

The swagger WordPress Theme showcases your content, with a rotating image and/or video slider at the top.  I really like video greetings on websites because they provide a multi-sensory (audio-visual) experience to your visitor that catches their attention and can provide a great introduction to the site.

Also, using video on your site increases the time that people stay on the site, which is a good indicator that your site is valuable and may ultimately help with your SEO rankings.  Always strive to improve your visitor’s experience on the website.

Wordpress website theme featuring video in top slider

View A Live Demo Of This Website, Featuring Image Or Video Sliders

Select Your Website Design


We will also consider trading/barter of your products/services… let me know what you do.


Emily Cressey
The River Rock Group
1-877-762-7332 ext. 6