Facebook Marketing Program

Can Your Business Afford To Be Without An Effective Facebook Page?

Facebook Marketing has become extremely popular in recent months. One of my colleagues recently said, "These days - not having a facebook page is about the same as it was not having a web page 5 years ago."



Who Is Using Facebook?

Facebook has more than 500 million users, half of whom log in every day. It's not just teenagers, either. The fastest-growing demographic of Facebook users is women ages 45-60.

Laser-Focus Your Marketing Dollars Through Facebook's Demographic Targeting

In addition to large traffic volumes, part of what makes Facebook so powerful is that it allows a very high degree of demographic targeting.  If you are running ads on Facebook, you can choose to target them based on all sorts of factors including age, gender, birthday, relationship status, location and interests of the targeted prospects. This can exponentially increase the return on investment you see with a Facebook advertising campaign, as compared to other Pay Per Click, or Pay Per Impression advertising campaigns, such as Google Adwords.

Due to recent changes in the way Facebook is set up, businesses can now have a miniature website-within-Facebook. This website can do all sorts of things never possible before.

Here's How You Can Generate More Business With Your Company's Facebook Page

  1. Collect names and email addresses
  2. Encourage users to "Like" your page and republish your content to their friends, and then reward them for doing so with coupons, contests or other valuable offers.
  3. Showcase video or audio content.
  4. Have back-and-forth conversations with clients and prospects
  5. Automatically push out information (via Facebook Messages) to people who are following your page
  6. Have an online store where people can view and purchase your products.
  7. Automatically publish information from your website, YouTube account, Twitter feed and elsewhere right on your Facebook page.

    This means whenever you create one piece of content, it can be automatically distributed across a wide variety of social media platforms, saving you time and extending your reach in the marketplace.

When We Launch Your Facebook Marketing Campaign Here's What You Get:

Fan Page Research And Development

  1. Market Research - So your Facebook ads are only shown to prospects who are most likely to convert into clients.
  2. A custom designed Fan Page - Like Your Own mini-website inside of Facebook.
  3. Lead-Capture forms to collect names and emails of visitors.
  4. A Custom video for your landing page.

Facebook Paid Advertising Campagin Set-Up

  1. Two Custom Facebook ads to drive traffic to your Facebook Page and split-test performance
  2. A Toll Free tracking number to list on Facebook that dials through to your office.

Staff Training On Building Client Relationships Via Facebook, and Ongoing Campaign Management

  1. One staff training session demonstrating how to participate in Facebook Conversations. Call will be recorded and delivered to you for future reference.
  2. Monthly review/reporting on performance and ROI.

Points To Consider When Evaluating Facebook:

  • You can adjust your Facebook advertising campaign to whatever level you’re comfortable with. You can adjust it up or down periodically, when you need more or less business.
  • Your CPC budget can be set to as much or as little as you like.
  • Having this managed professionally is extremely important for a solid ROI.
  • Facebook advertising can be a less expensive, more effective alternative or supplement to a Google Adwords marketing campaign.
  • Facebook marketing is not appropriate for every business, but can be a great tool for companies in select industries.

Option A: The Full Facebook Marketing Program

The full Facebook Fan Page Set-Up, Advertising Campaign Set-Up And Campaign Management Package listed above is $899 to set up and $299/month to manage.

As a lower-priced alternative for those who want to do-it-themselves or who don't want to use paid advertising, we also offer a complete Facebook Fan Page Setup package, which does not include ongoing marketing support.

$899 Upfront, $299/Month




Option B: Facebook Fan Page Set-Up Package

The stand-alone Facebook Fan Page set-up is a great way to create your own mini-website on Facebook.  This is a great place to start building a list of your current customers and prospects and a wonderful platform from which to keep in touch with your community.

Your complete Facebook Fan Page Set-Up Package Includes The Following:

  • Company-Branded Graphics and Colors
  • Custom tall vertical “Profile” picture featuring company logo, headline/benefit statements, and encouragement for user to click the “LIKE” button.
  • "'Like Page' Reveal Script" offering visitors incentive to “Like” your company’s page.
  • Your designated YouTube Video hosted on page
  • Contact information, Deals, Discounts and other content to be provided by your company or we can use some of the content already posted on the company’s primary website.
  • Integration of the company’s RSS blog feed with the Facebook Page’s “Wall”
  • 100 "Starter Fans" – we'll get some people to "Like" your site. They may not be super-targeted, but they will provide social proof to your visitors that others “Like” you so they should, too.
  • $499 One-Time Fee