When we work with businesses, we don’t just focus on branding and market penetration, we strive to deliver real results – new clients and customers that will put money into your bank account.

Here’s our 3-step process and exactly how it works to deliver business lead generation results every time.

Where are your prospects going to find your business? Let's find out.

Our process starts with detailed market research to identify where customers go when deciding who to hire, so we can make sure your company is there, and effectively represented.

We will examine your clients online and offline research patterns to determine where and how they are most likely to encounter your product and service.

  • Are they looking for you on Google, Facebook, or YouTube?
  • Do you appear on Social Directories like Yelp, CitySearch and the Better Business Bureau?
  • Are they networking with you at social functions or hearing you speak?
  • Can you capture their attention with paid advertisements?
  • What about Joint Ventures and Referrals?

Based on this information, we will create a targeted campaign to put you in front of clients – exactly where they are looking for you. Where your clients come from, and what they’re looking for when they search for you will determine what type of high-converting message we craft in Step 2 of our Business Lead Generation Process.

Turn your browsers into buyers!

When clients first come into contact with your company, do they take the time to get to know you, give you their contact information, and purchase your products & services, or do they say, "Just looking, thanks," and blow you off - never to return again?

It’s imperative that your website capture visitors attention right away, assure them that you are a credible answer to their need, answer their questions and provide the information they’re looking for and lock-in a way to follow-up with the most serious prospects.

Users’ attention spans are short on the Internet. You have SECONDS to make a positive impact. Does your website do the job?

You may already have a website you’re happy with, and if it’s converting well, you may not need our help with this part of the process.

However, sometimes we can offer a few strategic changes to drastically boost lead generation and conversion.

The good news is that with the visitor tracking tools we’ll implement on your site, you can learn exactly what keywords and search terms bring people to your site, which pages they look at while they’re there, how long they stay, and how many call or contact you as a results of their time on your site.

Once our research has determined what your visitors are looking for, and our conversion strategies have made sure your website is prepared to deliver the goods and convert prospects, it’s time to get your site in front of as many people as possible, who are members of your target audience. That’s Step 3: Get In Front Of The Right Audience.

Hungry buyers with money in hand, are looking for a company like yours, to hire right now.

When they look, can your customers find you?

We'll make sure your business’ sales message reaches your audience as they prepare to make a buying decision. When you're what they're looking for, we'll make sure they find you, and not your competitors.

For many companies, this means ranking well for targeted keywords in Google. Our goal is to get you into the one of the Top 3 positions in Google for your chosen keywords in 3-6 months’ time. For other companies, this could mean a Facebook, or other Social Media campaign.